From house to home – my Greek adventure

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A blog by Eriel interior designer I have known Greece for many years, I toured the islands and mainland many times discovering new places and experiences. So, I joined the Eriel apartment interior design project with this approach. I brought my curiosity, creativity and romantic view, but nothing could have prepared me to the challenges! […]

Why I fall in love with the Island of Lefkada

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Arriving to Lefkada as a foreigner, didn’t start as a love story. At first glance, and after a long drive from Athens, being tired and hangry, nothing seemed unique. It was a busy hour in Lefkada town and a good restaurant was the only thing I was really looking for.  The first impression of Lefkada […]

The Story Behind Eriel

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I was already in love with the old city of Lefkada town. So, I felt blessed to be able to make a project here, but this was not just a business call… I wanted to build a place that will feel like home, for me and for all the guests. In addition, I wanted it […]