From house to home – my Greek adventure

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I have known Greece for many years, I toured the islands and mainland many times discovering new places and experiences. So, I joined the Eriel apartment interior design project with this approach. I brought my curiosity, creativity and romantic view, but nothing could have prepared me to the challenges!

My Lefkada Experience

While standing in front of the skeleton that would become Eriel, I tried to envision the Greek dream that we share.

I wandered amongst pictorial of old town of Lefkada. Admired the characterful buildings, tasted the good and local bakeries, sifted ouzo and dined in the taverns . In every free moment, I walked and biked. At times, I really felt that I am part of the town and I could experience the rhythm of the day-to-day life. The beauty of old town Lefkada is emphasized by the unique location. On one side there are high mountains. On the other side is the marine with all kinds of boats and yachts, all wrapped with endless blue of sea and sky.

Its only a short trip from Lefkada town to arrive to breathtaking turquoise beaches, figurative villages, walking trails in wild nature. Moreover, I met everywhere kind and welcoming people.

Forming the concept

Slowly, with every visit to the island, the Eriel design concept was shaped. My idea was to combine the colors and materials I experienced on my trips. In order to create the warm, authentic and most importantly the family experience that is so typical to Lefkada.

At this stage I started to get to know the local professionals and unique shops For apartment interior design. I wanted to create the welcome and inviting experience. So I used open spaces with clean lines, filled with light and air. And, I put high emphasis on quality materials and a personal touch. I combined stone, wood, fabric, plaiting and weaving, to select and create open storage, furniture, carpets, curtains and decoration. All of the colors are light colors and soft, typical to Greece.

Making it happen

At every visit to the beaches or the alleys, I collected local items, washed woods, pebbles, ropes, and especially, local lace and knitted art. In addition, I couldn’t stop myself from memorizing with my camera all the beauty around me.

As the professional workers were finalizing the endless details of the building and furniture. I meanwhile dived into creation with all the items I had collected. I printed and framed a fraction of my photos. During this time, I painted, sketched, weaved, knitted, glued and combined everything.

I dreamt of a building that one day would turn into a home.

Sometimes dreams come true….

Inbal Bareket – A practical dreamer

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