The Story Behind Eriel

I was already in love with the old city of Lefkada town. So, I felt blessed to be able to make a project here, but this was not just a business call… I wanted to build a place that will feel like home, for me and for all the guests. In addition, I wanted it to integrate in the surrounding neighborhood while not compromising on comfort or style.

My strongest impression of Lefkada is its authenticity. Therefore, I wanted Eriel to look just like the unique local buildings. There were two options – renovate an old building or construct something from scratch. 

I was very lucky to find a skeleton building in a perfect location. The original owner seemed to have exactly the same intention. Since, he designed a building that would maintain the traditional local architecture. This skeleton was in great shape and had a perfect external design, while allowing some flexibility for the internal design.

The biggest challenges were:

  • Spacious bathrooms and bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen & dining table, social area, etc.
  • Harmonizing new construction with traditional architecture and local vibe.
  • Finding millions of technical solutions to transform the existing skeleton design into apartments.

We needed lots of imagination and inspiration . Therefor, I was very lucky to work with three most talented designers – Mrs. Tammi Sharir, a personal foreigner friend who is a gifted interior designer. Mr. Antonis Lafazanis a local talented architect. Finally, Mrs. Inbal Bareket, a phenomenal, most creative interior designer and artist. She gave the final touch of furniture design, colors, materials and decoration.

Ktiriodomy Constructions and Ioannis Livitsanos, performed the whole construction job very skillfully and offered brilliant solutions. Above all, they made a high-quality job!

When everything was finally completed, I was very very happy! I hope so will you!